Festive Flowers

Christmas is only a week, it’s that time of the year, where we’re rushing around doing last-minute shopping, buying unbelievable amount of food as well as consuming it, and being merry.

The best thing for Christmas for me has to be decorating the Christmas tree with as many decorations as possible and wrapping the presents beautifully with the touches of ribbon, but this year I have a new best thing added to list, and that is festive flowers that are full of glitz and glam and make the home look even more ‘Christmassy’ whilst celebrating it with the family.

For those out there that like to be creative, or still haven’t thought about how to set your table, fireplace or living room, then fear not as I will show you some great ideas that I have seen whilst doing my own Christmas shopping.

The traditional red, green and gold deco, never can go wrong with these colours at Christmas. The arrangements add that touch of warmth with the colours and the cone, feathers, fruit and ribbon, this type of deco is a must for the those who like to be traditional during Christmas.

Decorations in above photos available from Barton Grange

The modern home festive decorations with the ice white, blue, purple, black and silver, are beautiful for those who like to be contemporary and different, this would look fabulous for a christmas special ‘Come Dine with Me’, or maybe for those who love the attention during the festive period.

Decorations in above photos available from Barton Grange

For the romantics at Christmas, this heart-shaped wreath will definitely brighten up your day when you arrive from work to your home, might be bit too cheesy for some, but will still put a smile on your face.

Heart Wreath available from Next

These have to be the best festive flower arrangements I have seen this year! These arrangements will look great for Christmas Eve/Day, parties and even for New Year celebrations. simple, modern and with all that jazz, and for your guests to swoon and admire whilst hosting your Christmas party.

Floral arrangements from Living Flowers  

I do hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post as well as others, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I shall be back in the new year with new and exciting blog posts for you to read!


Wedding Styleboards

Attention to all the brides to be out there that are having trouble with colour, themes, deco etc, for those brides to be that have an iPad, you must invest in the Pantone app, where you can create your own wedding style boards to suit you and your big day!

This is definitely a worthy app to buy, does cost £2.99, however it does come with thousands of photos relating to flowers, dresses, venues, deco, jewellery and invitations to inspire you, yet you can also use your own photos too.

For the brides to be that are creative and organised, this a worthy app as you can literally spend hours on this, and not just for them and maybe for those who would like to get into wedding or event planning, (or even dreaming of your fairytale wedding), these photos as well as your own along with the Pantone colours, you will be able to come up with so many new ideas!

Below I have done my own style boards, hope you like them and maybe even inspire you!





Fresh or Faux?

As many brides are purchasing silk flower or vintage bouquets, are fresh flower bouquets becoming a thing of the past?

All brides want to stand out and be the centre of attention on their big wedding day especially when walking down the aisle, as there is so much choice to choose from to make that day special, when it comes to bridal bouquets, many brides are opting for the “everlasting” or “keepsake” bouquets to make the memories of their big day last forever.

In current economic times, many are cutting down on items for weddings and one of the cut backs are fresh flowers, and I myself do know that prices for flowers do go especially during peak wedding season in the summer. Fresh flowers have become one those things on the list that many want a little of as they don’t last forever and the price of flowers are making the brides to think twice about.

For the past couple of years, more and more brides have been coming to me for jewelled silk flowers bouquets than fresh flower bouquets; as a florist i do appreciate the fresh flower bouquets, the effort that goes into making it yet will always look great too when walking down the aisle, as it never have the same effect as a jewelled silk bouquet.

Vintage Pink Bouquet- made from fresh flowers with diamontes

Calla Lilly Bouquet- made from fresh Calla Lilly finished off with purple ribbon

But as jewelled silk flower or vintage bouquets are much higher in price, brides are willing to spend that extra bit more for something unique, glamorous and everlasting.  For those who have extravagant themes and love their ‘bling’, these bouquets are definitely for you!

These bouquets do take much longer to make as bouquets designers are searching for various items from different places, but once finished, they are something unique, striking and adds that touch of glitz to your wedding day. Furthermore, it can be part of a new heritage that can be passed on to from generation to generation within the family.

Silver Aurora Bouquet- Jewelled bouquet with vintage brooches, diamontes, beads, pearls and Swarovski

Golden Glamour Bouquet- Jewelled silk bouquet with vintage brooches, pearls, diamontes, beads and Swarovski

I do advise on brides that would be willing to go for a jewelled silk bouquet, then to order it months in advance as these do take a while to make and a lot of effort does go into making one just as much as a fresh flower bouquet.

For those brides out there, whatever you choose whether it would be a fresh flower bouquet or a jewelled silk flower/ vintage bouquet; just make sure it suits you, your dress and reflects your personality.