Fresh or Faux?

As many brides are purchasing silk flower or vintage bouquets, are fresh flower bouquets becoming a thing of the past?

All brides want to stand out and be the centre of attention on their big wedding day especially when walking down the aisle, as there is so much choice to choose from to make that day special, when it comes to bridal bouquets, many brides are opting for the “everlasting” or “keepsake” bouquets to make the memories of their big day last forever.

In current economic times, many are cutting down on items for weddings and one of the cut backs are fresh flowers, and I myself do know that prices for flowers do go especially during peak wedding season in the summer. Fresh flowers have become one those things on the list that many want a little of as they don’t last forever and the price of flowers are making the brides to think twice about.

For the past couple of years, more and more brides have been coming to me for jewelled silk flowers bouquets than fresh flower bouquets; as a florist i do appreciate the fresh flower bouquets, the effort that goes into making it yet will always look great too when walking down the aisle, as it never have the same effect as a jewelled silk bouquet.

Vintage Pink Bouquet- made from fresh flowers with diamontes

Calla Lilly Bouquet- made from fresh Calla Lilly finished off with purple ribbon

But as jewelled silk flower or vintage bouquets are much higher in price, brides are willing to spend that extra bit more for something unique, glamorous and everlasting.  For those who have extravagant themes and love their ‘bling’, these bouquets are definitely for you!

These bouquets do take much longer to make as bouquets designers are searching for various items from different places, but once finished, they are something unique, striking and adds that touch of glitz to your wedding day. Furthermore, it can be part of a new heritage that can be passed on to from generation to generation within the family.

Silver Aurora Bouquet- Jewelled bouquet with vintage brooches, diamontes, beads, pearls and Swarovski

Golden Glamour Bouquet- Jewelled silk bouquet with vintage brooches, pearls, diamontes, beads and Swarovski

I do advise on brides that would be willing to go for a jewelled silk bouquet, then to order it months in advance as these do take a while to make and a lot of effort does go into making one just as much as a fresh flower bouquet.

For those brides out there, whatever you choose whether it would be a fresh flower bouquet or a jewelled silk flower/ vintage bouquet; just make sure it suits you, your dress and reflects your personality.


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