Festive Flowers

Christmas is only a week, it’s that time of the year, where we’re rushing around doing last-minute shopping, buying unbelievable amount of food as well as consuming it, and being merry.

The best thing for Christmas for me has to be decorating the Christmas tree with as many decorations as possible and wrapping the presents beautifully with the touches of ribbon, but this year I have a new best thing added to list, and that is festive flowers that are full of glitz and glam and make the home look even more ‘Christmassy’ whilst celebrating it with the family.

For those out there that like to be creative, or still haven’t thought about how to set your table, fireplace or living room, then fear not as I will show you some great ideas that I have seen whilst doing my own Christmas shopping.

The traditional red, green and gold deco, never can go wrong with these colours at Christmas. The arrangements add that touch of warmth with the colours and the cone, feathers, fruit and ribbon, this type of deco is a must for the those who like to be traditional during Christmas.

Decorations in above photos available from Barton Grange

The modern home festive decorations with the ice white, blue, purple, black and silver, are beautiful for those who like to be contemporary and different, this would look fabulous for a christmas special ‘Come Dine with Me’, or maybe for those who love the attention during the festive period.

Decorations in above photos available from Barton Grange

For the romantics at Christmas, this heart-shaped wreath will definitely brighten up your day when you arrive from work to your home, might be bit too cheesy for some, but will still put a smile on your face.

Heart Wreath available from Next

These have to be the best festive flower arrangements I have seen this year! These arrangements will look great for Christmas Eve/Day, parties and even for New Year celebrations. simple, modern and with all that jazz, and for your guests to swoon and admire whilst hosting your Christmas party.

Floral arrangements from Living Flowers  

I do hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post as well as others, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I shall be back in the new year with new and exciting blog posts for you to read!


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