A Taste of the Exotic…

To take away our mind off the typical cold British winter, I think its time to brighten up our day with some bright and colourful blooms. The exotic flowers are a great trend for Summer weddings that give the instant ‘wow’ factor with the bright and bold colours.

Mixing things up are a great way of being different, creating focal points with the variety of flowers and colours, and to create a great stylish and modern impact finish off with mirrored vases or plates.

The exotic are a must for those who loves to have a bold and colourful statement, it will always look contemporary and stylish, whichever exotic flowers you choose, but do choose these flowers when they are in season, but do be cautious not to go over the top or clash with your dress, as tropical bouquet next to a detailed or colourful dress will look too overpowering.

Here are some great bold and colourful ideas for that Summer wedding!

*All photos are of my own


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