Embellish those bouquet handles

As most of you will know by now that my work, as seen on previous posts and from my page, that I love embellishing and “blinging” up my bridal bouquets, but don’t let that stop you from adding that extra touch to the handle of the bridal bouquet.

The traditional way is using satin ribbons, which will always look the best, but there are different ribbon techniques that can be used, also by adding a diamante buckle, brooches, pearls and beads. These embellishments can be added to the middle of your bouquet handle, but if you don’t want anything to get in the way of you holding your bouquet, then you can always add the embellishment at the top of the bouquet handle, which looks just as good.

Below are some ideas that can jazz up your bridal bouquet handle and will look great on either fresh or silk flower bridal bouquets.

Single ribbon with row of pearls.

Ribbon overlay with pearls.

Satin ribbon with organza ribbon bow. 

Satin ribbon with pearl string overlay.

Brooch embellishment.

Square diamante buckle.

Small rectangle diamante buckle with pattern ribbon.

Pearls and beads embellishment.

Pearl and beads embellishment.

*All photos are of my own