2013!… A Sparkling Year It Has Been!

WOW! It’s been a very exciting year with wedding orders coming from all over the UK and International too!

The alternative bouquet has been so popular this year! The silk and crystal and brooch bouquets have been travelling everywhere from Manchester to London, to America and Africa; great for keepsakes and for those who are getting married abroad.

This year I made my first Crystal Heart bouquet for Valentine’s, one the hardest bouquets I have made to date and the red bouquets just keep on getting popular and look great in many of the designs I have made this year. I have made such a variety of bouquets that I have loved making this year, the Enchanted Bouquet and pearl cascade bouquet have been the biggest trend for this year, even got to make bridal orders for a black and ivory theme and a peacock theme which have been ticked off my wish list; fresh bouquets have been just as popular and cascade bouquets have a made a come back where I have given it a modern look an favourite has to be the one I have made with beautiful fresh vintage roses; adding in touches of lace, brooches and jewels to finish off the fresh bouquets also mehndi floral jewellery has been a big hit too!

I have met so many brides and wedding suppliers this year and got to work with some too; my favourite photo shoot from this year has to be the Mughal inspired shoot with Bhavna, absolutely loved the concept and photos and made the Regal Rose Bouquet popular choice for 2013 brides. I also got to work with Leena and Jensy B, loved the concept and photos too and the bouquets have got to be the quickest bouquets I have made for a photo shoot and to be featured in the Asiana Magazine in various pages, that made my summer; also I cannot forget meeting wedding suppliers at Thornton Manor hosted by Rabbia from Asian Wedding Ideas, would love to meet everyone again!

And not forgetting I held my first bouquet sample sale that attracted many last minutes brides and grabbed sample bouquets at amazing prices, be sure to keep a look out for more sample sales in the future.

From little sparkles on bouquets to full on sparkles; it has definitely been a very Sparkling year!
I could actually go on for ages about this year but I do not think everyone would like to read an essay but I cannot be more than happy for everyone that have come to me for their wedding orders, supported me and have recommended me to others.

I do hope next year has lots more installed for me…Bring on 2014!

To see more photos, then please do check out my Facebook Page: Floral Creations by Reena


Mehndi Floral Jewellery

A big trend for mehndi’s is the floral jewellery such as earrings, gajras (bracelet), and hair chotlis.

I have been making a variety of mehndi floral jewellery made from fresh and silk flowers in bright and bold colours that gives the desi aura with the exotic and vibrant colours and flowers.

The designs are simple yet still stand out with the bright colours and hot pink is a very popular choice along with yellow and green. Majority of items are made with roses or chrysanthemums which are best option for mehndi’s.

The hot pink mehndi set has to be my favourite one, the roses, colours and design all work well together along with the vibrant rainbow gajras for family members.

The floral hair chotlis have been just as popular made in a variety of colours with the tips being finished off with roses; and for a more traditional look, below are a couple of photos of a floral hair chotli and gajra in silk red roses with gold and red beads in between.

For all bookings and enquiries please contact me 07828110708/ reena@floral-creation.com as messages on the blog may not get responded too.

*All photos are of my own

2012- A Blooming Great Year It Has Been!

What a year 2012 has been!

This was the year of introducing crystal and brooch bouquets which has been and still is a very popular choice for alternative bridal bouquets. Also brought in new ideas all time yet still do not have time to make more samples as the orders just keeping coming in which is great!

I managed to organise my own photo shoot for the Diamond Jubilee, with a little help from contributors, and using patriarchal colours of red, white and blue, I created unique and contemporary bouquets to suit the occasion. Took part in a wedding fair in Manchester at The Midland’s Hotel, hopefully will take part in many more wedding fairs in the near future. The biggest change was giving the brand a whole new make over with the new website, logo, packaging, business cards and postcards.

I have met many brides this year, I am glad that I have met them and have provided them beautiful custom-made bridal bouquets and accessories, I would like to thank them for their compliments also recommending me to others.

I would also like to thank to those that have also supported and recommended me to others, their clients as well as those that have helped me to rebrand myself with the new makeover, which I love!

With a succesful year in 2012, I do hope that 2013 will be an even bigger and better year!

Below are some of the highlights of 2012 and please do check out my Facebook page, Floral Creations by Reena, where there are lots more photos from this year.





Floral Jewellery

Floral accessories especially garlands have always been associated with Asian weddings, however the past year floral accessories have become a big trend for the modern weddings, mehndi nights and for gifts for the bridesmaids.

Floral jewellery is being more creative and imaginative than just wearing a nice matching costume jewellery for your weddings clothes, it shows individuality and originality, although it look delicate to wear, it does look amazing once worn and adorned on the Bride and bridesmaids.

When it come to choosing your floral jewellery and accessory, bright colours always look best as it always defines the bright and bold statement of Asian weddings, and having a simple design works best too, as Asian clothes are always full of embroidery and something too bold, bulky and big would ruin the outfit. But none the less, these floral jewellery would make a great impact on any type of wedding or themed wedding.


As shown in the photos on the above, the left photo  have used red roses with small pearls, gives it the contemporary with the traditional, very Jodhar Akbar with the small pearls.

On the right, that is the pink roses with large ivory pearls, this type would look great for engagements, yet will also look great with red roses too.

With ordering these types of garlands for your wedding, you know you won’t be weighed down or hidden away behind the large flowers which are commonly seen in the Indian tv serials and Bollywood films.

Floral Hair Pieces

Accessorizing has to be the best way to glam up any outfit, even Gok Wan would agree with me too, and no doubt 2011 was a big year for floral head band and floral head wreaths, and i’m sure it will carry throughout 2012 summer weddings.

The Duke and Duchess’ wedding has been a major influence on many recent weddings, where trend for sleeves, lace, white bridesmaid dresses and head wreaths for flower girls.

For the Brides that love fresh flowers, it is best to use small buds for the head wreaths and we know kids like to run around everywhere; in the above photo, I have made one for a customer who wanted one made from silk flowers, I used small rose foam, beads and leaves too. It still gives a good effect as it look delicate and simple designs are best for children.

Adding a single flower instantly adds simplicity, timeless and elegance. Always add a complementing colour to whatever outfit you’re wearing, having a single and large flower, always adds a bold statement and whatever fresh or faux flower you wear, will always look great and feminine.

Having a cluster of flowers to complement those outfits is for those fashion forward brides and maybe if you have a bigger budget to spend on your bridesmaids. This will always be a classic such as when worn within a french roll as pictured above right and below too.

The above right photo I have used fresh roses and beads for decoration, this is a great floral hair piece for the Mother’s of the bride and groom, as they would love to make that extra effort for the wedding day, and love to have cluster of flowers in their hair.

For those who like to be different, experiment with colours and maybe have a higher budget for the bridesmaids, the floral hair piece pictured below is just for you. The standard colours that everyone goes for is red, pink and white, why not be different from other weddings and choose bright and bold colours? It adds boldness and statement to your wedding and I’m sure many will remember your wedding day for being different. Having a bright and bold colour to your hair piece instantly looks style-savvy and brightens up british summertime.

Floral Hand Jewellery

Floral hand jewellery has become a big trend especially for mehndi parties, brides and bridesmaids, it takes ethnic jewellery to a whole new level of ‘exoticness’!

Also known as ‘Gajra’, these Asian floral jewellery has been around for years, and loved by women of all ages for that special occasion.

As these are usual made by simple flowers and look more fuller, I have taken the concept and made it more contemporary with the added material of beads, pearls and diamonds, instantly adds a feminine touch to the floral bracelet and will definitely look good on the photos, as Asian families do love to take many, many photos!

For that unique Bollywood themed wedding, fashion forward, trendy brides, then these finger bracelets are a must for you! Forget about those standards hand bracelets you see everywhere, be different, individual and creative! These hand corsages are ultra glam and modern and everyone will be wanting one and following the new trend!

Sticking to small rose buds, or a single flower, these floral hand jewellery will still look sophisticated by wearing a matching or complimentary colour with your outfit.

The first photo shows simplicity as its best, the orange gerbera strikes out with the sparking hand bracelet, and any girl would love to wear one for that special occasion. The second photo is a full rose bud bracelet with pearls and a ring, is a bit more delicate yet still looks good when its worn.

Although these pieces are only worn the once, they can be preserved by drying to be treasured for that momentum day, and just shows how creative you can be when wearing floral jewellery to suit your outfits, theme and style. I do hope have given you some great ideas and advice for your weddings and other occasions, let’s get this floral jewellery trend rolling!