2013!… A Sparkling Year It Has Been!

WOW! It’s been a very exciting year with wedding orders coming from all over the UK and International too!

The alternative bouquet has been so popular this year! The silk and crystal and brooch bouquets have been travelling everywhere from Manchester to London, to America and Africa; great for keepsakes and for those who are getting married abroad.

This year I made my first Crystal Heart bouquet for Valentine’s, one the hardest bouquets I have made to date and the red bouquets just keep on getting popular and look great in many of the designs I have made this year. I have made such a variety of bouquets that I have loved making this year, the Enchanted Bouquet and pearl cascade bouquet have been the biggest trend for this year, even got to make bridal orders for a black and ivory theme and a peacock theme which have been ticked off my wish list; fresh bouquets have been just as popular and cascade bouquets have a made a come back where I have given it a modern look an favourite has to be the one I have made with beautiful fresh vintage roses; adding in touches of lace, brooches and jewels to finish off the fresh bouquets also mehndi floral jewellery has been a big hit too!

I have met so many brides and wedding suppliers this year and got to work with some too; my favourite photo shoot from this year has to be the Mughal inspired shoot with Bhavna, absolutely loved the concept and photos and made the Regal Rose Bouquet popular choice for 2013 brides. I also got to work with Leena and Jensy B, loved the concept and photos too and the bouquets have got to be the quickest bouquets I have made for a photo shoot and to be featured in the Asiana Magazine in various pages, that made my summer; also I cannot forget meeting wedding suppliers at Thornton Manor hosted by Rabbia from Asian Wedding Ideas, would love to meet everyone again!

And not forgetting I held my first bouquet sample sale that attracted many last minutes brides and grabbed sample bouquets at amazing prices, be sure to keep a look out for more sample sales in the future.

From little sparkles on bouquets to full on sparkles; it has definitely been a very Sparkling year!
I could actually go on for ages about this year but I do not think everyone would like to read an essay but I cannot be more than happy for everyone that have come to me for their wedding orders, supported me and have recommended me to others.

I do hope next year has lots more installed for me…Bring on 2014!

To see more photos, then please do check out my Facebook Page: Floral Creations by Reena


The Crystal Heart Bouquet

Valentine’s Day… the day we celebrate and thank our loved one’s for being there for us and is done so by cards, roses, chocolates, heart-shaped gifts and maybe even with a romantic meal too.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have created a bridal bouquet that will become a trend for future weddings especially for those that are getting married in February… a heart-shaped crystal bridal bouquet.

The bouquet is made from crystals in clear, red and ruby, with pearls and brooches too; the variety shades of red, crystals and brooches does bring Valentine’s Day to a new level especially to those that are planning to getting married on the 14th February in the future.

*All photos and bouquets are of my own

Ideas for your Sweet Valentine…

February 14th… a day of love, chocolates, flowers and maybe for some….disappointment.

Bollywood has got some of the blame for this disappointment, as we expect to have a song and dance about every joyous, happy and loving moment, changing sarees as many times as possible, running through fields, declaring our everlasting love for each other, whisked away to exotic locations, dancing in the rain and a finale of a happy ever after! But we can all still dream of this Bollywood fantasy to happen…one day.

But enough of this disappointment, doom and gloom, it is a day of telling your crush to be your valentine, sharing love with your loved one or whoever it may be, and a great day to treat yourself to chocolates, wine, listening to classic romantic melodies and watching chick flicks!

As there’s not long left to go till Valentine’s Day, here are some last minute Valentine floral ideas for you or your loved ones and those who are the DIY romantics.

Well you can always start off with a dozen or more roses, will put a smile on anyones face!

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always give a single red rose wrapped in organza and even use it for table deco for that romantic meal for two.

If you have got a left over cocktail glass lying around in your cupboards, use it up as a table centre piece, with either carnations, roses or any other flowers that are red of course.

This rose fish bowl is for the modern romantics! So simple to make, by tying up a small bunch of roses, placed into bowl, spray the bear grass gold and placed on to mirror and its done!

Want your loved one to walk to an amazing display of roses, this has got to be it. A tall vase with dozens of roses, will blow anyone away with this romantic gesture.

And now for the ultimate finale for Valentine’s, or maybe for another special romantic day……

A heart box filled with roses and the… RING!

I hope these have given you many ideas and no matter who you are spending the day with, hope everyone will have a great Valentine’s Day!